In terms of the imported fire ants, scientists have great hopes for the phorid fly, which lays eggs inside the ant's body; the eggs later develop in the ant';s head, decapitating it. Of all the fire ant species, the red imported one is the most aggressive, widespread, and difficult to control. The ants live in large mounds and attack in swarms. However, some commercial products are effective against indigenous U.S. fire ants and should have at least some effect on the imported/hybrid varieties. 


Fire ant baits are designed for the fire ant workers to take the formula back to the queen. The manufacturers say that their formulas can provide season long control and destroy visible and unseen ant mounds. Amdro says that its Fire Strike Fire Ant Bait kills the queen, destroys the mound, and sterilizes new queens thus preventing new mounds from forming. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions before using any product, but generally speaking fire ant baits are best applied, as recommended, during the fall or spring when no rain is expected for at least eight hours. Commercial baits may have some affect against the imported and hybrid varieties although complete eradication may not be possible. Furthermore, some brands of baits may not be available for sale in certain states, ask your Southern States dealer what is appropriate for your situation.

Home barriers

Perimeter pesticides, such as sprays which one manufacturer, Bonide, says that its Pyrethrin spray can not only keep fire ants out of your home but crickets, cutworms, earwigs, chinch bugs, leafhoppers, roaches, and spiders too; always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

In the garden

Again, sprays, Bonide says that 1tsp/gal of its Pyrethrin spray applied before harvest is an effective insect control, including fire ants; always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Home remedies

There are always home remedies that have been tried, with varying degrees of success/failure although some of these would have to be applied with extreme caution as to whether you can legally do it and what the consequences of something going wrong would be. Home fire ant remedies include:

  • Club soda 
  • Grits 
  • Gasoline 
  • Flooding 
  • Dish detergent 
  • Setting fire to the mound 
  •  Vinegar